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Influencer Economy Alliance

Influencer Economy Alliance organized many North American Influencers. Achieved amateur anchors are also actively participating. At the same time, experienced Influencer and MCNs will hold forums on the current situation and development trends of internet celebrity economy, live broadcasting, and merchandise sales, our mission is to make the development of the internet celebrity economy more professional, standardized, scaled, and continuously innovating, promoting the internet celebrity economy to be the new norms of the economy and society.


The Influencer Economy Alliance integrates and condenses three major elements: active Influencer and high-quality MCNs, suitable brand and product providers, and competitive logistics systems networked with overseas warehouses. The three resources build a complete industrial chain and form a closed-loop ecosystem. Connecting with powerful internet short video and livestream platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Meta, TikTok, Uplive, and Bigo Live, it will form a driving force for the next wave of economic growth.


In order to promote the healthy development of the Influencer economy, the Influencer Economy Alliance has also established the Bemy Award to honor the Influencers. IEA has started to support the creation of the Influencer industry's largest and most influential brand award to benchmark. the biggest awards in the world. 

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