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Brands Meet Creators

Here's how it works:


TikTok Creators please read and get started 


Brands Meet Creators Process,

  • Step 1: Review Brands (higher commission than TikTok marketplace open plan) from our Partner List.

  • Step 2: Add Products to Showcase by clicking links

  • Step 3: Request Samples through us.

  • Step 4: Make TikTok Shop Content, Earn Commission, & Get more supports and rewards. 


And the rules are simple as well:

* Rule 1: You must be 18+, US-based, and already have Yellow Shopping Cart access.

* Rule 2: You must add the products to your showcase using the links below (this will give you bonus commission).

* Rule 3: If you request a sample, you must make a minimum of 1 video so that will get more collaborations from Brands.


UGC, Creator, Influencer
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