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MTM TikTok Sample Center



1. MTM TikTok Sample Center (officially established by TikTok)

Address: 1075 S Vail Ave Montebello CA 90640  (Mon-Fri, close on Saturday and Sunday)

10:30am-5:30pm, close at 5:30pm


2. MTM TikTok Sample Center (In MTM Beach Creator House) Address: 30351 Camino Porvenir, Rancho Palos Verdes , CA90275  (10:30am-8:00pm Monday-Sunday ,Please book online or call)

  • TikTok


we close on weekends

Official Center Established by TikTok

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Master TV MCN

About us

Master TV MCN  


Best e-commerce, brand campaign, short video, live streaming and influencer/creator full-service agency in the USA.  


We specialize in: Selling any kinds of good-quality products online in our online shops or yours through our largest creator/influencer network in the U.S.


Brand campaign for your company or your online shops Short video/live streaming production and A+ celebrity management Exclusive event planning for your company, online shops, and creators…


We work with many manufacturers, sellers, brands, creators/influencers, and celebrities on short videos/live streaming and traditional endeavors across all internet and e-commerce platforms, including Instagram, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Temu, Etsy, and eBay….  


Our full-service agency, which is authorized by different TikTok departments in all fields related to e-commerce, has many resources others do not have and provides the most comprehensive services for TikTok in the U.S., thereby offering more effective and powerful monetization assistance.  


Here are some of our services:  


1. Official TikTok Sample Center: We offer a wide range of free product samples to qualified creators and sellers. If you are not near TikTok Headquarters in Los Angeles and cannot shoot videos or photos and do live streaming on-site for the products you want to sell, you still have the opportunity to have product samples mailed to you if you sign a sales contract with us. Doing so will not cut into your commission, because we are an agency authorized by TikTok. 


2. Our Beach-Front Creator House: We partner with creators, influencers & brands to drive growth & revenue with the best-in-class services available. We welcome creators to come visit us at our beautiful beach-front Creator House near TikTok Headquarters in Los Angeles, where we have professional equipment and in-house studios available and provide training and a beautiful environment to work with other creators on creative endeavor s. 


3. Monetization Opportunities: We facilitate revenue generation through a variety of channels, including free of charge boosted traffic for livestreams and short videos as made available by TikTok, advertising, brand partnerships, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, providing content creators with more opportunities to generate income.


4. Teaching and Training:  We offer livestream and short video training on-site at our sample center and via private group sessions online.


5. Access to TikTok Campaigns and Incentives: We offer the best access to TikTok campaigns and incentives, opportunities that are not available to a creator individually. Creators will also receive information on topics that are currently trending, so they can keep their videos current and fresh.


6. Founder of the Global Influencer Economy Alliance and Bemy World Influencer Awards:  We are the founder of the world's largest Influencer and e-commerce organization, the Global Influencer Economy Alliance, and also the Bemy World Influencer Awards. The Bemy Awards offers tremendous support and presents a variety of awards to creators, shops and e-commerce companies and also works in collaboration with Hollywood elites, such as the real founder of the Grammy Awards.


7. Effective Intermediaries: We serve as intermediaries between content creators, platforms, and advertisers, offering a range of services to streamline the content creation process, enhance monetization opportunities, and amplify the reach of digital content.


8. Empowerment of Content Creators: We provide content creators with access to valuable resources, tools, and expertise, which aids in improving the quality of their content and expanding their audience base. We will make sure you are among the first to use and experience new TikTok features and functions.


9. Audience Reach: By harnessing our network and marketing capabilities, content creators can reach a broader and more diverse audience, increasing the potential for th eir content to go viral.


10. Enhanced Data Insights: We are authorized to see much more back office data on creators’ accounts, which allows us to guide them better on how to improve their work.


11. Additional Insights: We offer valuable insights into audience behavior, engagement metrics, and trends, enabling creators to make informed decisions about content. 


12. Exclusive Event Planning: When our creator clients subject matter strikes a strong chord with viewers, a special event may be planned to showcase our clients further. One example would be an event created around the release of a new song or album or a live, themed sales event which is live streaming.


13. Fan Group Management Service:  Our MCN service will help our clients learn how to communicate in new ways with their fans and build up their own huge community.  


14. Turning Hobbies into Careers: Our ultimate goal is to help content creators and live streamers turn a hobby into a career by securing advertising money and/or increasing profit through bigger product sales to maximize their success.

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